Upgrade to the new SE+K2 integration

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It is possible to upgrade a save, but changes are required. The purpose of this page is to help understand what will break when updating. If you have already played SE, and maybe SE+K2, there will be situations that at first look like a major mechanic is broken. This is probably not the case however, you just need to analyze the options and plan accordingly. A few recipes have changed considerably. So much that old ways of playing don't work anymore. This game is no longer the same, so you need to be mentally prepared. E.g. making solid rocket fuel from Vulcanite is now a slow and expensive process requiring more resources.

The changes listed below are not a complete list. Focus is what needs to be done to make the factory running.


Warning message
  • You will probably get a warning message the first time (see right). If you have outposts, check that resources aren't gone that you depend on.
  • If you have started space sciences, consider carefully whether you want to do the upgrade!
  • Imersium is now a basic space ore like Vulcanite and Cryonite. You better start looking for it first thing when you go to other planets.
  • The Solid rocket fuel is different. The vulcanite recipe now needs Oxygen, which can be hard to get on a waterless planet.
  • A lot of recipes have been updated to use the K2 materials and fluids. That means almost all K2 intermediaries are going to be used a lot more.
  • The Singularity card is no longer optional.
  • Historically, Material test packs have been possible to produce from the scrap output, but they are changed now.

Technological tree[edit]

The technological tree has major changes. That means that you may have to research something again. But no entities will be removed.

Pre space[edit]

It is easy to upgrade the save if you haven't started with the space sciences.

Inserter recipes are updated to combine the AAI Industries recipes with the K2 recipes. Specifically, each recipe takes as input the previous lesser type of inserter.

The logistic 4 science has moved up to require Material science pack 1. The production for Advanced Transport Belts will now also require Imersium gear wheels. This means that if you were relying on the production of Advanced Transport Belts, you will have to now fall back on Express Transport Belts.

Increased the Advanced Lab speed and module slots.

Remove the Hydrogen recipe for the Atmospheric condenser, use Electrolysis to get Hydrogen. Adjust Oxygen and Nitrogen production via the Atmospheric Condenser. Adjust Chlorine and Hydrogen production via Electrolysis. Adjust Oxygen and Hydrogen production via Electrolysis.

Reduce the amount of Water output by Iron, Copper, and Rare Metal filtration.

Early space[edit]

Some weapon tech infinite research levels have new dependencies (energy weapon damage, explosives, flammables, physical projectiles). That means they may reset to a lower tier.

Add Dirty Iridium-Holomite Water that can be filtered for Iridium and Holmium. Add Dirty Iridium-Holomite Water as a byproduct of Iridium and Holmium Washing. Add Filtration Plant recipes for Iridium and Holmium.

Update Rocket fuel energy and stack size to vanilla values. All Rocket fuel recipes are standardized to require iron plate (K2) and not yield substantially more energy than went in (SE). Electrolysis plant can be used in space and has increased energy usage. Adjust consumption of Oxygen and Hydrogen in Vulcanite Rocket Fuel recipe.

Replace Holmium Plate with Rare Metals in Holmium solenoid recipe.

Add Fertilizer to Nutrient gel recipes.

Replace Solar Panel with Advanced Solar Panel in the Flat Solar Panel recipe. If you have Flat solar panel production already, you will need up upgrade this. Allow Advanced Solar Panel to upgrade to the Flat Solar Panel.

Add Silicon to the Data Storage Substrate recipe.

Add Raw Rare Metal as possible output of Scrap Recycling.

Replace Steel Gear Wheel with Imersium Gear Wheel in the Advanced Splitter and Advanced Transport Belt recipes (Logistics 4).

Add Heavy Bearing to the Superior Splitter and Superior Transport Belt recipes (Logistics 5).

Add a new Data Storage Substrate recipe, requiring Rare Metals, gated behind Material Science Pack 1.

Add Rare Metals to the Electromagnetic Field Data recipe.

Add Lithium Chloride to the Genetic Data recipe.

Replace Stone with Rare Metal and add Imersite crystal in the Material Testing Pack recipe.

Add Lithium-Sulfur Battery to the Adaptive Armour 3 recipe. Replace Steel Plate with Imersium Plate in the Adaptive Armor 4 recipe.

Replace Sulfuric Acid with Nitric Acid in Vitalic Acid recipe.

Replace Sulfuric Acid with Nitric Acid in the Anion Ion Exchange Beads recipe.

Mid space[edit]

Add Imersium Plate Aeroframe scaffold recipe.

Add Lithium Chloride to Vitalic Reagent recipe.

Replace Nitric Acid with Vitalic reagent in the AI Core recipe. Replace Processing Unit with Quantum Processor. Add Advanced Neural Gel and Bioelectrics Data.

Add Rare Metal to the Heavy Composite recipe.

Add Imersite Beam to the Heavy Assembly recipe

Replace Copper Plate with Rare Metals in the Experimental Alloys Data recipe.

Add Imersite Crystal to the Dynamic Emitter recipe.

Add Rare Metals to the Magnetic Monopole Data recipe.

Move Fusion Energy Tech to be unlocked by Energy Science Pack 3. Rebalance the output of the Fusion Reactor to produce more Steam. Adjust the Advanced Turbine to consume the new output of the Fusion Reactor.

Replace Copper with Rare Metals in the Ion Stream recipe.

Replace Stone with Lithium in the Plasma Stream recipe.

Replace Steel Plate with Imersium Plate and add Energy Control Unit in the Adaptive Armor 5 recipe.

Replace Advanced Neural Gel and Bioelectrics Data with AI Cores in the Neural Supercomputer recipe.

Add Imersite Crystals to Quantum processor and Dynamic Emitter recipes.

Add Ion Exchange Beads to the Advanced Pollution Filter recipe.

Add Rare Metal to the Magnetic Canister Recipe.

Deep space[edit]

The Advanced Tech Card recipe takes Bioscrubber instead of Big Electric Motor, as well as the Pylon and Space Platform Plating.

An alternative Singularity Tech Card recipe was added, which takes arcospheres input.

Significantly increase the properties of the Singularity Lab relative to the Space Science Laboratory.

Replace Quantum Processor with AI Core in the Naquium Processor recipes.