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mod error with other mods[edit]

hi so I was trying to run your mod with a lot of other mods it only has a problem with a few mods the problem being if I disable them it wont end to well I have a lot of mods that need the mods it wants me to disable could you try to fix them if all possible as a new update if not its fine ill just use a different big mod just thought it would be cool for my modpack. oh ya I cant show the mods because I don't own the game so ill just list them













sorry if I spelt any of thoughs wrong.

Space Exploration Lore[edit]

I have come up with a most intriguing lore for this mod. WARNING WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD

So, you may know about the crash landing that we have experienced. I have a theory that our shuttle was actually an emergency shuttle for the spaceship known as an AAI Hypernet Forward Construction Cruiser, named Demodamas II, found in the anomaly Foneresta. If we read the ship log, we find that the Demodamas II has been in a horrible accident, while traveling through the Ancient ring from an anomaly known as Thyris. the ship ends up in Foneresta, where the emergency shuttle is deployed and us, the captain, is sent to the nearest planet known to us as Nauvis. On the way, there was a collision with a non-functioning asteroid base which destroys the base and puts us on a sub-orbital trajectory. We end up crash landing in a safe spot and survive the impact. From here the gameplay commences! we eventually find out about the spaceship incident and fix the ring. We find pyramids around our star cluster, and piece together a vector problem. And a solution. From here there are 2 endings: 1) You create a spaceship capable of intergalactic travel, and escape back into our home galaxy. 2) You fix the ring, and find the solution of the vector. You escape back to your home galaxy through a network of portals, and find yourself back at home.


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