Robot Attrition

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Robot Attrition[edit]

Robot Attrition is a required mod by Earendel as part of Space Exploration. Logistics bots under heavy/congested network will have a chance to crash, dropping the items they are carrying and cause minor damage to surroundings. Dropped items are automatically marked for pickup for construction robots. The higher Robot Attrition factor, the more likely logistic robots will crash.

Robot Attrition provide challenge for players to explore other builds than bot bases. Additionally it provides balance among many surfaces and is required for full Space Exploration experience. Solar rich surfaces like Stellar Orbit will have high power output but also extremely high Robot Attrition value. Ground Surface with enemies will have lower Robot Attrition while biterless locations will have high Robot Attrition. Overall players are still able to use bot base however they are expected to replace fallen logistics bots.

Only Logistics Robots are affected by Robot Attrition, not construction robots. Only networks with greater than 50 active logistic robots will be affected by robot attrition. By default, Nauvis has Robot Attrition factor of 1.

The Robot Attrition value can be adjusted in Mod Settings -> Map, however this will only affect Nauvis. Every other surface will be unchanged. Swarm Safety (Research) can be researched to remove the AOE exploding effect of logistics robots as well as the ping on the UI.