New content in 0.3.+

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The status is still experimental but it is quite stable if played without other overhaul mods. Playing with other overhaul mods is not recommended at the moment, as compatibility work has not been done yet.

New resources[edit]

Image Resource Description Usage
Beryllium-processing.png Beryllium Lightweight and strong Logistics and astronomic science
Iridium-processing.png Iridium Heavy and durable Heavy industry and material science
Holmium-processing.png Holmium Magnetic properties Advanced electrical technology and energy science
Vitamelange-processing.png Vitamelange Strange organic moss that is only found on sufficiently humid planets Biological research
Cryonite-processing.png Cryonite Mainly found on frozen planets Cooling operations and processing certain resources
Vulcanite-processing.png Vulcanite Mainly found on volcanic planets and in planet cores. Smelting additive and alternate rocket fuel
Naquium-processing.png Naquium Interacts strangely with space, found in deep space ??

In vanilla ore patches gain in richness continuously as you go away from the center of the map. This was a problem in version 0.2 because it meant the best place for resources on a planet was around the outer rim, and in asteroid fields you could just land as far away from the middle as you could be bothered to pan in one direction. In version 0.3 resources don't increase much with distance after a certain point but richness is increased slightly across the board.

Information pages[edit]

Information (I)[edit]

There are new Space Exploration pages explaining some of the core mechanics. The pages give you more than just static information, they also tell you things: like how many cargo rockets and satellites you have launched.

Universe Explorer (U)[edit]

A sortable table-style UI showing you all the places you've discovered. You can click on a place to see the resource estimates and other properties before jumping into satellite mode.


And More![edit]

Navigation satellites[edit]

Can now only discover planets and moons in the system they are launched from. If they run out of places to find they start finding stars instead but that's it. To discover more you can launch a satellite from the orbit of a different star, or a much easier way is to use telescopes. A new research lets you use telescopes to find things around different stars, or in deep space.


Delivery cannons[edit]

It's a railgun that can fire resources into orbit and around the solar system. The resources can be caught safely but you need to be careful, if they're not caught it deals some damage.



They fit in a chunk-aligned grid. The 4 versions are used like big power poles, substations, construction zone links, or wide-area construction extenders depending on the version used.


Shield Projectors[edit]

They are placed like a turret and project a forcefield in front of them. The forcefield blocks attackers. Its durability is linked to the shield projector's energy buffer. If you can keep it supplied with enough energy it can absorb an incredible amount of damage. Can be placed on spaceships.


Big heat exchanger and big turbine generator[edit]

These large machines can put out some serious power and can make full use of antimatter reactors.



With the glacier ammo you can make walls of ice and freeze enemies solid.



The bloatburst ammo makes a large pool of infectious material that deals damage and slows. Enemies that die while infected burst, dealing 50% of their max hp to nearby enemies, potentially causing a chain reaction.



The beacon overhaul changes the way that all beacons work. Crafting machines can only be affected by 1 beacon, if affected by more beacons they overload and pause production. The basic beacon has 8 module slots and a range of 3. Wide area beacons Mk-1 have 15 slots and a range of 14. The Mk-2 version has 20 module slots and a range of 14.


Deep space belts[edit]

These fast stylish belts have an underground span of 16 and come in 8 colors so you can do some crazy belt braiding.


Longer pipes and heat pipes[edit]

There are some long versions of pipes and heat pipes to help with throughput issues. They give you some more options, and some more challenges.

Unit capsules[edit]

You can grow biters and spitters, then release them from thrown capsules.