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Nauvis is the planet where the player crashes their spaceship and begins the journey. As such, it is considered the player's homeworld.

Nauvis in Space Exploration is a large but finite circular Planet, with a default radius of 5692 tiles. The radius can be changed at the start of the game from 1423 tiles up to 10,000 tiles. This alters multiple parameters, such as Gravity, Coronal Mass Ejections, Core Mining and the amount of available resources on Nauvis. Furthermore, it will also proportionally change the radius of the Moons around Nauvis.

Nauvis has the same day night cycle and duration as it does in Vanilla Factorio: 6.94mins or 416.66 seconds. By default it has 100% Solar value. This can not be changed.


Nauvis can only contain vanilla resources and the player may adjust them at the start. The vanilla resources are iron ore, copper ore, stone, coal, oil as well as a small amount of uranium ore. Nauvis does not contain any of the new SE resources and this cannot be changed. However, the player may receive pyroflux from core mining. Nauvis is also the only location where core miners directly yield universal core fragments.