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A moon is a celestial object are orbiting a planet. All moons can have any ground unique SE resource as well as vanilla resource. They are generated at random depending on seed, with exception to one Nauvis moon that will always be an oil primary moon. Similar to all surfaces in Space Exploration, they are subject to random CME and meteors.

Moon Traits[edit]

  • radius size between 400 to 4700
  • solar value between 7% to 113%~
  • 0% to 100% biter threat
  • day/night duration from 1min to 60mins
  • may not guarantee water

Resource Characteristics[edit]

  • moon will always contain all 6 vanilla resources: Iron, copper, coal, stone, uranium, oil.
  • may contain either or both SE resource, cryonite ore or vulcanite ore.
  • may contain only one of the following SE resource: beryl ore, iridite ore, holmium ore or vitamelange (will also create "biter meteor" hazard).
  • any of the following above mentioned resource can be the primary resource of the planet. This will also make this resource most abundant and make all core seams generate that specific core fragment.
  • water is not guaranteed, if there isnt any, it will be labelled 'waterless' under hazards
  • moons are substantially richer in resources than their planet counterpart. In addition to higher resource frequency due to smaller radius, they also tend to have denser resource patches.