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Wiki content[edit]

Feel free to add stuff to the wiki yourself but try to make sure it is accurate.


  • You cannot upload any of the mod assets unless they are images of 64x64px or less (downscaling before uploading is allowed).
  • Instructions or encouragement to modify the mod's code is not allowed.
  • Vulgar, offensive, or inflammatory content is not allowed.
  • If you break the rules you may get banned.


There is a translation channel on Discord. There are a few online spreadsheets managed by Setos that translate most of Earendel's mods.


You can sign up on Discord by contacting Earendel and asking to be a Tester. This will give you a special role and let you access the "Closed Testing" where you can get access to versions before they are released and chat with other testers. This also lets you get invited to join multiplayer testing sessions. You may also be asked to help test new features or bug reports from time to time, but there is no pressure to do so.


If you have some Factorio modding experience or strong coding skills in general then you can sign up on Discord by contacting Earendel and asking to be a Contributor. There is a long list of things that would help the mod's development. You can choose something from a list, ask for something to do, fix a bug, or find something else that can be improved. There is no pressure to commit time or complete what you start, but there is no guarantee your work will be used.


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