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Mod description[edit]

Build Cargo Rockets to launch stuff into space. Ride a rocket into space yourself and start spacewalking. Build an orbital space platform to develop difficult data-driven space science. Build a spaceship tile by tile, fly it from a planet surface to other planets, moon, asteroid belts, and more. Follow progress on

New worlds[edit]

Over 500 new places to visit - planets, moons, stars, asteroids fields and more. Launch a navigation satellite to discover the next location. Each location has its own resource bias and challenges. Tight integration with the Alien Biomes mod means planets each have a visual character.


Navigation Satellite Uplink[edit]

Once you have launched a navigation satellite you can use the uplink at any time. This allows you to look around using a bird’s-eye view. You can look at any planet you have discovered and scout the surface. You can even make data-changes while in this mode, changing combinator, requester, or inserter settings. You can place remove red/green wire, and give commands to spidertrons via the remote control. You can also use blueprint library blueprints, the deconstruction planner, copy and paste, etc. Press N to start/end an uplink.


Accessed via the satellite uplink, it shows you where stars, asteroid fields, and spaceships are relative to each other.


Cargo rockets[edit]

Launch a huge cargo inventory from anywhere to anywhere. Not only can you launch items but you can enter the rocket and ride along into orbit, or different planets and moons.


You can float around in space with momentum. Your thruster suit will keep you safe and let you fly around in style. Put it on before entering a rocket if you're flying to space (i.e no atmosphere).

Space suit

Space stations[edit]

Build your own space stations using space platform. You can build science space stations, asteroid mining space stations, or solar collection space stations near stars. Your thruster suit has magboots so you won’t fly away.

Space station

Space sciences[edit]

Space science is now used in space by the space science lab. You can also develop 4 new advanced space sciences in using specialised equipment: astronomical, biological, material, and energy. Be warned: These new sciences are data-driven and more difficult to set up. A basic initial setup is not going to be resource efficient, but you can develop the sciences further to unlock more resource efficient recipes. Which one will you invest in first?


Build your own spaceship block by block. The core component is the spaceship console. Make sure it is on spaceship floor and surrounded by spaceship walls or doors. It needs containment from outside space so make sure there are no gaps. Attach a rocket engine, launch booster, some accumulators and lasers and you’re good to go. Fly from anywhere to anywhere. Upgrades let you build bigger ships. One day you might have a factory ship with an internal rail systems.

A spaceship
A spaceship

Nauvis is limited[edit]

The planet you start on, Nauvis, is huge but ultimately limited. It also has limited surface resources (100% size and richness) so you may eventually have to look at mining other planets, moons, or asteroid fields.

Map gen settings: It is advised to reduce the resource richness and size in map gen below 100% or you will still have more resources than you need. Reducing enemy evolution rates is also a good idea.

Planet core mining[edit]

Exhausted all the other resources on a planet? Or maybe you just have excess energy. Planet mining offers endless resources but at a high power cost. Multiple core miners on the same planet have diminishing returns, so you get more resources but pay more energy per resource. Each planet or moon has its own core fragment type that yields different resources.

Tesla gun[edit]

It shoots chain-lightning to hit up to 30 semi-random targets per shot… and it’s rapid fire. Only damages enemies, trees and rocks. This is the most fun weapon.

Tesla gun

Plague rocket[edit]

This is extremely dangerous, save before you use it. One shot can wipe out all life from a planet and might strain your computer in the process.


They fall from the sky and usually land somewhere remote adding extra resources (some contain uranium). Sometimes they hit a structure which is unfortunate, but happens rarely and you can build meteor defense installations to protect vital areas. Changing the meteor rate is a mod option. Nine cannons seems to be enough to stop any meteor shower (In my experience).

Respawn on death[edit]

It’s not game over when you die, you can respawn on Nauvis, a random launchpad, or a random spaceship.

Respawn button[edit]

You can use the space capsule to get out of most situations, but if you land on a tiny island on a planet, and you have no landfill you might be really stuck. If you find yourself with no way out there is a respawn button. It’s the red one with a skull on it. You can find it in shortcut buttons list on the right of your toolbar. You can also use it by pressing the ‘Home’ key.

Planet and space challenges[edit]

Some planets have high winds. Biters don't like these planets so they are safer to expand in, but the winds make it more dangerous for logistic bots. Larger planets also tend to have higher winds.

Areas of space closer to a star have strong solar output you get lots of solar power but the radiation that can also cause interference with bots. Deep space is much safer for bots but need to look for other power production options.

If a bot crashes it drops the cargo harmlessly to the ground for deconstruction.

The suitability of your home planet in regard to robot interference is configurable via the robot attrition mod setting.

In the future planets will have more specialised challenges, such as special enemy forces (fire biters, hostile robots, more environmental challenges).

Recommended mods[edit]

Video Playlists[edit]

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Nilaus: Has Space Exploration plus AAI Vehicles, floor is lava, and some other differences.

Laurence Plays: A fairly clean Space Exploration run with a few extra QOL mods. Currently investigating the advanced science packs. Series 1 is about getting off Nauvis (mostly vanilla), series 2 about the more advanced science and as such is more Space related.

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Future developments[edit]


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Radiation laboratory
Genetic laboratory