Energy Beam

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Energy Beam[edit]

Energy beam is the result of sending energy from one surface to another. Energy Beam can be experienced first upon starting a new Space Exploration game (v0.3.114 or later) as part of CME, in this case the source is a nearby star that unleashes its coronal mass ejection. Energy Beam can be seen as a light pillar that damages surroundings in a wide radius as well as leaving burning fires and scorch marks on its path. The beam can last for up to 2 minutes as part of CME, or until turned off as part of Energy Beam Emitter once player unlocks the technology to harness its power in Glaive form. Energy Beam Emitter building can also be used to Energize from one surface to another in order provide vast amount of energy in form of heat.

Energy Beam Buildings[edit]

Energy Beam Emitter[edit]

  • The primary building that player can use to control Energy Beams. Does not produce any power by itself and requires 33MW passive draw as well as Energy Beam Chambers connected the middle of any 4 sides.
  • Can store power to be used as Glaive or Energize.

Energy Beam Chamber[edit]

  • The pipe of energy used for Energy Beaming. Connect to other Energy Chambers and the only way to connect and inserts energy into Energy Beam Emitter.
  • Other Energy Beam Chambers and Energy Beam Emitter can only be connected to the middle of any side of the Energy Beam Chamber.
  • Can accept energy from Energy Beam Injector from only its longer sides.
  • Has no passive power draw but requires power to function.

Energy Beam Injector[edit]

  • Used to convert electricity into a beam form. This travels via Energy Beam Chambers which then bring it to Energy Beam Emitter.
  • Can only interact with Energy Beam Chambers on the long sides. A proper connection will generate a "pipe".
  • Consume steady 1 GW of energy.

Energy Beam Receiver[edit]

  • Captures an energy beam as heat. The Energy Beam Emitter MUST BE IN ENERGIZE mode.
  • Can heat up to 10,000 C, which allows converting heat back into electricity via Heat Exchanger (500C) or High Temperature Heat Exchanger (5000C).

Energy Beam Functions[edit]

Getting Started[edit]

Click on Energy Beam Emitter opens the control Menu. With the following

  • Emitter Strength: This is the strength of the Emitter, accumulated via steady charging of Energy Beam Injectors. While Each Energy Beam Injector only provides 1GW, the Energy Beam Emitter is capable slowly storing up to about 3 fold of EXCESS energy in OFF mode or when it does not have a target for Energize/Glaive.
  • Once activated, EXCESS energy will allow beam to be stronger but Emitter Strength will slowly weaken to the # of Energy Beam Injectors.
  • Transmission Efficiency: The emitter is capable of shooting a beam anywhere in the universe that light can travel. However, there is a efficiency loss resulting in the process the further it travels.
  • Placing the Energy Beam Emitter on ground surface such as a planet or moon will result in added 50% efficiency loss in addition to distance penalty.
  • To function, the Energy Beam Emitter, requires a specific surface selected, coordinates as well as any one of the 3 function below:


  • Energy Beam Emitter can transfer energy in form of heat to a specific coordinate of a Energy Beam Receiver.


  • A cutting beam weapon similar to CME. The beam strength and speed is dependent on Emitter Strength.
  • The glaive can be moved by picking another coordinate.

Auto Glaive[edit]

  • Autonomous glaive capable of picking its own target's coordinates.
  • Auto-Glaive only targets Biter Worm's and Biter Nests.


  • Energize function can be used provide electricity from strong solar surfaces to remote areas, outposts or even spaceships (when docked).
  • Glaive can be used in short burst in order to benefit from Excess Emitter Strength power storage.
  • Auto-Glaive can potentially target player structures if they are on the path the next biter nest.