Delivery cannon

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Delivery cannon


Required technologies

None required


The Delivery cannon launches full stacks of the selected material at high velocity, with a launch time of 5 seconds plus a variable recharge time based on distance and gravity. First, select the target surface within the current solar system, then choose destination coordinates. A Delivery cannon chest can prevent damaging structures and creatures at the destination, if it has empty space to receive the payload. The Delivery cannon capsule does not survive the journey.

Not all types of items can be delivered via cannon. Cannon-able items include core fragments, raw materials, ingots/plates, barreled liquids, fuels, scrap, and some intermediates.

The delivery cannon has no module slots and is not affected by beacons. The cannon itself has no connection for use in the logic system, but the Delivery cannon chest does. The structures from AAI Signal Transmission can help configure a controller to turn the Delivery cannon inserters on and off based upon destination space.

While the base consumption of the delivery cannon is 100kW, it can use up to 50MW of electricity when recharging after it has been drained by frequent (or distant) launches.

The delivery cannon will shoot only when:
1) The cannon is switched on
2) The cannon has a destination set (default: none, so it will not shoot)
3) The cannon has the minimum energy required
4) The cannon has all materials needed

When all four requirements are met, the cannon will shoot automatically when it finishes crafting the material.

If you destroy the cannon after crafting the material capsule it will give you back the crafted material capsule, instead of the materials used. Crafted capsules have a stack size of 1. To use the crafted capsule, put the crafted material capsule in the products slot of any delivery cannon with the same recipe.