Core Miner

From Space Exploration

The Core Miner is an advanced long-term mining drill, which consumes very large amounts of power to produce an infinite stream of mixed resources.


The Core Miner produces Core Fragments, which are processed in the Pulveriser. The type of Core Fragments produced depend on the Primary Resource of the location. On Nauvis (no primary resource) the miner produces "regular" Core Fragments, which yield all vanilla ores and liquids and a little pyroflux.

On locations with a Primary Resource, the miner produces Core Fragments of that resource, which are processed into: that resource, Stone, and a few regular Core Fragments.


The efficiency of each individual Core Miner decays as more miners are active on a planet or moon, using the following formula:

Average Core Fragments per Second in Total = (zone radius) / 500 * √ (number of miners) * Productivity Research Bonus  

Average Core Fragments per Second per Miner = (zone radius) / 500 * √ (number of miners) * Productivity Research Bonus / (number of miners)

The Core Miner benefits from Mining Productivity Research, however it has no module slots and cannot receive effects from Beacons. However, the Pulverizers processing the Core Fragments can benefit from Productivity Modules.

Number of miners Total Yield/Second (on default Nauvis radius of 5700) Yield/Second/Miner
1 11.4 11.40
2 16.12 8.06
3 19.75 6.58
4 22.8 5.70
5 25.49 5.10
8 32.24 4.03
12 39.49 3.29
20 50.98 2.55
36 68.4 1.90
100 114 1.14


The core miner has no other input cost than electricity; however, at 25MW, it has the highest base power consumption of any terrestrial building.

Source Power Output (MW) # Required per Core Miner
Burner Turbine Generator 2 12.5
Boiler 1.8 14
Steam Engine 0.9 28
Solar Panel 0.06 417
Steam Turbine 5.82 4.5