Condenser Turbine

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The Condenser Turbine is a structure unlocked by the technology Condenser Turbine. It is described as having "75% the efficiency of a steam turbine but 99% of the steam used is returned as water."

The Condenser Turbine technology also unlocks a recipe for condensing steam to water in a chemical plant, allowing you to save 165 degrees C waste steam produced by some recipes (however generating no power).

Condenser Turbine Operation[edit]

The condenser turbine takes 100 to 999 degrees C steam as an input, and outputs water and power. It also has an internal reservoir of "condensing steam" which is an SE unique fluid.

The condenser turbine uses 80 steam per second and returns 79.2 water per second

Condenser Turbine Orientation[edit]

Turbine orientation.png

Condenser Turbine Tips[edit]

  • Multiple condenser turbines can not be chained end to end as the regular turbine
  • The condenser turbine might be useful on worlds without natural water sources

Power output[edit]

The tool tip indicates 10MW maximum output, but this is only possible with 1000C steam. There is no common source of 1000C steam in SE.

With 500C steam (the temperature of steam generated by nuclear reactors), the turbine generates a maximum of 5.82MW of power (80*.75*485*.2)

More power discussion at the Power Guide

Water Consumption[edit]

Since the turbine is only 99% efficient conserving water, at maximum rate it consumes .8 water per operation (need to verify/test?).

In a closed loop, water limited setup, this water is removed permanently and must be replaced for continuous operation.

The turbine removes .1375 water per MJ produced.

The turbine consumes 137.5 water per GJ produced

Advanced concept of operation - Two Buildings[edit]

One way to understand the function and tool tip of the turbine is to view it as two buildings combined

  • External visible building
    • steam input: 100 per operation
    • water output: 99 per operation
    • condensing steam output: 65.7 per operation?
    • 1 crafting speed (?)
  • Internal hidden building
    • condensing steam input: 60 per operation
    • power output: up to 5.8 MW per operation
    • 1 crafting speed (?)

The two buildings are throughput limited such that 80 steam per second is consumed at maximum power demand

Troubleshooting turbine states[edit]

Consider the following error states. The tool tips description applies to the "two building" operation theory

Steam input low[edit]

CT steam input low.png
  • Error explanation: Condensing turbine is not receiving enough steam to operate

Water output full[edit]

CTurbine water output full.png
  • Error explanation: Condensing turbine does not have enough room to output water

Condenser output Full[edit]

Condensing steam output full.png
  • Error explanation: external building cannot generate 65 condensing steam to put into the internal building
    • The turbine is fully operational !
    • If the error is steady state; power demand is too low. The turbine can still ramp up if demand increases.
    • If the error is intermittent; the turbine is creating maximum power but this error will still occur because the input/output quantities of the two buildings are rate limited to 80 steam/second