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It is not recommended to use other people's blueprints in your first Space Exploration game. Try to puzzle your way though the design challenges yourself first.

If you want to share your designs then you can do so in one of the sub-pages.

Blueprints should contain entities from only Space Exploration plus required mods (such as AAI), recommended mods, and info-display mods such as text plates and nixie tubes.

Do not post blueprints that contain spoilers relating to secret exploration content.

You can create a new category if needed but please submit include following details:

Title of blueprint[edit]

Screenshot: Attach an image

Description: State the role of the blueprint and any details you want to get across. E.g. Tileable space solar grid.

Author(s): E.g. Earendel

Space Exploration Version (or any applicable mod version): E.g Space Exploration v0.4.25

Highest techs required: E.g. Space solar panel 1; Bio Science 1;

Blueprint string: Either link a persistant blueprint string source, or include the blueprint string in small text. e.g: 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

Blueprint Categories[edit]

Logistic blueprints

Space belts blueprints

Space factories blueprints

General assembly blueprints

Power blueprints

Hypercooling blueprints

Specialist science blueprints

Spaceship blueprints

Cross Surface Logistics

General Factory Blueprints