Beacon Overload

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Beacon Overload is an overhaul of Beacon mechanics in Factorio. Crafting machines can only be affected by 1 beacon, if affected by more beacons they overload and pause production.

The overhaul allows more modules in beacons and promotes the use of more powerful Modules in both beacons and assemblers for maximum bonuses. The change also allows and promotes a wider range of factory designs.

The Basic Beacon is individually much more powerful than a vanilla beacon, but cannot stack their effects on one machine so the maximum boost you can provide is reduced compared to vanilla. The more powerful beacons are able to far exceed the maximum boost on a machine available in Vanilla.

Starting from Wide Area Beacon players can experience substantial amount in module savings as well as freedom to create complex design revolving larger buildings or with multiple fluid or material input.

Machines affected by more than one beacon will be marked with a Beacon Overload icon and pause all production. They will still continue consume minimal power in the process. The system is required and can not be turned off.