Asteroid field

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Asteroid fields have very little but not zero solar power. This comes with the advantage that robot attrition is also minimal. The amount of solar power an asteroid field gets is independent of its distance from the nearest star (under 6kw from normal panels, 38kw from space panels), so the only advantage an asteroid field very close to a solar system has is short rocket trips. As such, power will have to be mainly nuclear, and antimatter once that is researched, but solar panels may be used to kickstart or supplement a small amount of electricity. Water for such nuclear/antimatter operations may be obtained locally through water ice, and sustained for long periods with condenser turbines. Asteroid fields are greatly suited for large scale space operations with its vast amount of asteroids spawning in all directions, providing savings on scaffolding, and an abundance of resources meaning very little shipment must be conducted from elsewhere. The asteroids may be detrimental, however, as there would be little empty space to spacewalk quickly, and the abundance of resources cannot have space buildings placed on them until they are mined out. Taking a space capsule from here will return you to the surface of the planet closest to the star of the nearest solar system, as determined by the asteroid field's location on the starmap. The starmap is found at the top of the navigation view's menu. In SE version 0.3.xx, Asteroid Fields can only be found via researching the technology 'Deep space zone discovery.'

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