Asteroid Belt

From Space Exploration

Asteroid belts, like planet/moon orbits, have solar power (and robot attrition) dependent on the distance from the sun. The asteroids spawn much like their orbit counterparts, where they only spawn to the left or to the right of spawn, but are typically much larger and plentiful in comparison. As such, resources are much easier to find, and scaffolding costs may be cut down significantly. Taking a space capsule from here will return you to the surface of the next planet down from the position of the asteroid belt on the navigation view's list, including locations not discovered yet. For example, if the asteroid belt is below planet A on the navigation view list, but above planet B, a space capsule from this asteroid belt will take you to the surface of planet B. If there is no planet B, the capsule will take you to the surface of planet A.

These can be good locations to set up a base, however unless you are very lucky in placement, returning to Navuis will require a return rocket or a ship, just the pod will not work.

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