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Arcospheres are mysterious orbs found floating in interstellar space. An Arcosphere is a solid physical object around 30cm in diameter and does not appear to be a natural formation. Each sphere contains a knot in spacetime. The spacial knot is somehow anchored to the sphere, so the sphere can be used like a handle to move the knot around. Collections of Arcospheres in close proximity moved in specific patterns can weave spacetime into useful shapes.

Arcospheres are a very late-game resource which are needed for some advanced components such as Naquium processors. They can only be obtained by launching a special satellite from an Asteroid field.

There are eight polarizations of Arcospheres:

  • λ Arcosphere lambda λ Arcosphere lambda
  • ξ Arcosphere xi ξ Arcosphere xi
  • ζ Arcosphere zeta ζ Arcosphere zeta
  • θ Arcosphere theta θ Arcosphere theta
  • ε Arcosphere epsilon ε Arcosphere epsilon
  • ψ Arcosphere phi ψ Arcosphere phi
  • γ Arcosphere gamma γ Arcosphere gamma
  • ω Arcosphere omega ω Arcosphere omega

There are patterns to the polarizations of Arcospheres and how they interact.

There are several recipes to change the polarization of a pair of Arcospheres:

There are also two recipes to invert the polarizations of 4 Arcospheres:

The challenge with Arcospheres is that there is a limited supply. You need to carefully control their usage. A smarter processing setup gives you more processing capacity. A naive setup can make a system that gets clogged. Try a few approaches yourself first. If you get stuck ask for a hint, not a blueprint. If you are still struggling then there may be blueprints on the blueprints page, otherwise there are some on Discord.